Custom Disco Monster

Custom Disco Monster



We are offering a limited run of custom Disco Monster Headdresses. 

Please use the form to give us as much detail as possible so we can create the perfect piece for you. If you would like to send us any references then you can forward them onto us Via email. ( Remember to quote your order number when doing this. 

Please allow 1-4 weeks for your order to be made before it is shipped.
We make our products in the order in which we receive orders, so sometimes there might be a production queue ahead of you.

We will let you know the approximate timings for your headpiece once it has been ordered. Alternatively, you can get in touch beforehand to see how long it will take.

During our peak season (May-September) orders may take longer.

At this time we cannot offer glitter tassels for custom orders.

No returns on custom orders. 


If there is something about your custom order we CANNOT achieve, we will be on hand to try and find an alternative solution and help you get your perfect monster. 




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