Want upto 15% off?

Unwanted and broken jewellery is always a pain to get rid of and it's just not cool to throw it away.  We're offering up to 15% off discount code to anyone who wants to send us their old jewels! We love finding gorgeous, unique,
one- off pieces and here at Headspace HQ,
we know you don't get them by just walking into any old shop!

We will recycle and re-use the jewellery in our upcoming headpieces, giving them a new lease of life.

If you'd like to donate your jewels, you can drop us an email at with the subject 'Recycle my jewels!' and we will be in touch!

Please note: The 15% discount only applies if your jewels are good and deemed useable by our team. The full discount will be applied to a bundle of items.

E.g: Large costume necklace = good, Bangle = bad. 



Burnt Soul & Winifred


Rose recycling collab

We use fabric offcuts from our good friends at Burnt Soul & Winifred Rose, in many of our pieces. We don't need to use huge amounts of fabric as each piece is so unique. We have teamed up with these brands to recycle their offcuts and put them to good use.

If you are a brand or an individual who would also like to get involved then do drop us an email, which you can find on our about page!